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Well, I finally did it. It took me 971 miles and 13 days, and at the time of writing I've raised over 3000 for Saxon Wood School, so thank you to everyone who has contributed.

I've kept a brief diary of the journey, mainly to remind myself of what it was like and the places I passed through, but it's there for anyone who's interested in reading it. I'm hoping it will also remind me why I shouldn't attempt it again for a long time, although my sore knee is currently serving as a useful reminder.

It would have been nice to have more time to spend in each place, and to have been able to choose the places I stayed in advance. But not knowing how many miles I would be capable of doing each day made this a little difficult. As it was, things went well, and I only took one day longer than initially planned. There's a real sense of achievement at the end, which was heightened by the ever increasing sponsorship total - a huge amount gratefully received from family, friends, and also from people I met en route.